Wavetable Editing Tools

Utilities to create & edit wavetables

Free Software

Open-source wavetable editor
Free user wavetables made with WaveEdit here: https://waveeditonline.com


Audio Joiner
Can use this tool to roll your own by merging single waveform samples of a quantum friendly sample length eg a bunch of 1,204 sample long single-cycle waveforms. Can merge up to 200 samples into a single file/wavetable.

Waldorf Blofeld Wavetable Creator
Wavetable creator from scratch, sin, triangle, square, saw, freehand waveforms, import wave, export midi

Paid Software

Serum: Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer $189
Wavetable editor built right in, you can create your own wavetables in a variety of ways

Icarus: High-end Synthesizer-Workstation $169
Claims “the most powerful wavetable-editor available on the market”


Waldorf Quantum Synthesizer
Has sample to wavetable conversion utility built into its own OS
Oscillator > Timbre > Tools > Analyze Audio


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