Quantum Wavetables & Utilities

Quantum & Iridium Wavetables

These wavetables are made for the Waldorf Quantum and Iridium, but could work on other synths that use standard user supplied wavetables. Many other synths have limitations such as a specific wavelength, number of waveforms or encoded slot information. The Quantum and Iridium have no such limitations.

168 wavetables – 64 waveforms each, wave length 256
From WaveEditOnline.com

27 wavetables – Various number of waveforms each, wave length 2048
JD-XA, Mother 32, Prophet 12, and Sub37 waveforms
Sampled and formatted by Paul Cotton

10 wavetables – Various number of waveforms each, wave length 1024
Waveforms from the same category: blended, perfect, saw, saw bright, saw gap, saw rounded, sine, square, square rounded, triangle
From adventurekid.se, formatted by Paul Cotton

520 wavetables – 8 random waveforms each, wave length 1024
From adventurekid.se, formatted by Paul Cotton

21 wavetables – 200 random waveforms each, wave length 1024
From adventurekid.se, formatted by Paul Cotton

Quantum instructions: Wavetable Oscillator > Timbre > Tools > Import from .wav > Set drive in upper left corner to Samples, USB Drive or SD Card > Select a file (eg the first one) > Set period to appropriate length 256, 1024 or 2048 etc. > Load. Then you can use the on-screen [prev] and [next] to move through the wavetable files.

Note: Firmware 2.0 works perfect, however on Firmware 1.3.0, your Import from .wav may not read the SD card, until you read it somewhere else. One solution is Wavetable Oscillator > Timbre > Presets > Export > Cancel > Close, and that will read the SD card so you can then follow the instructions above.


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