Pro 3 Presets

Sequential Pro 3 Presets

The following are Sequential Pro 3 specific. If you know of any other Sequential Pro 3 specific wavetables, presets or utilities, please do let me know. I would like this to be all inclusive, thanks! -Yehuda

Presets may include non-factory wavetables.

Sequential Pro 3 TJontheRoad Synthesizer Presets – $15.99
These 64 presets represent the huge depth that is capable with the Sequential PRO 3. Included with these presets are all types of ambient, arpeggiations, bass, band, FX, lead, paraphonic, rhythmic, and sequenced soundscapes.

Creative Spirals Sequential Pro 3 Fundamentals 1+2 Sound Sets – $35.00
This includes both Fundamentals Set 1 and Set 2 in a single package. In total 128 custom patches for the Pro 3. Set 1: Basses, Leads, Classic Synth Sounds (64 patches). Set 2: Strings, Brass, Keys, Organs, Paraphonics (64 patches). Also available separately.

Preset Patch user uploaded Presets (also wavetables) – $0.00


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