Anti-Racist Etc. Policy

Wouldn’t a world without politics be a beautiful thing?

Of course it would be. However, that would be extremely out of touch with reality and a higher calling to be better human beings and improve civilization.

If you are looking for a synthesizer website and community that is neutral to oppression, revolutionOSC is not what you are looking for.

revolutionOSC stands proudly for the equality of all.

  • No Racist nonsense
  • No Nazi sympathy
  • No Nationalism baloney
  • No anti-LGBTQ hate
  • No anti-Women’s rights
  • No hating on the Economically disadvantaged
  • No discrimination against the Disabled
  • No Right-wing garbage
  • No Abusive behavior
  • No Bullying period
  • No whatever other Backwards foolishness you can think of…

If caring about all other people equally makes us left-wing revolutionaries, revolutionOSC wears these tags with pride, it’s as simple as that.

If you, your politician, your pastor or whoever takes issue with all this, that is your problem, not ours. Seek help is our advice.

Ignorance of the importance of these issues is no excuse.